AMZN Consultants is a team of experts whose goal is to maximize your profits within the Amazon Marketplace. Formed in 2016 after successfully launching our own products on Amazon, we learned the hard way some of the pitfalls that face Amazon sellers.

After trial and error with our own products, we formulated a winning system that now works for a wide variety of products. Amazon is the #1 Ecommerce site in the USA, with over $80 billion in sales volume in 2016. Amazon is the most important commerce platform of our time and manufacturers who don’t participate are losing out on a huge opportunity.

Our mission is to unleash the power of the Amazon sales channel for our clients so they can take advantage of the staggering power and growth of the world’s largest online marketplace.

Vito M.

Co-Founder, Business Development

Robert S.

Co-Founder, Amazon PPC Expert

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