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  • Our Native English Speaking Copywriters Write Your Sales Copy: Proper English grammar and skilled English copywriting is crucial for your listing to look professional and to sell effectively. Our copywriters are native English speakers and are expertly trained to write compelling copy that sells.
  • We Perform Detailed Keyword Research (proprietary technology): This is our “special sauce.” We utilize a unique algorithm to produce the most powerful keyword lists possible for your product. The result of this research will make your listing immediately visible to Amazon’s Search Engine (A9).
  • We Create Keyword Rich Headlines: Incorporating the correct keywords into your headline is vital. Doing so will trigger A9 to display your listing highly in rankings. In addition, your headline must be catchy and appealing to the eye for buyers to want to click on it. We will create all of this for you.
  • We write Bullet Points that Hook Your Audience: The bullet points in your listing are the sales hook. They need to clearly demonstrate the features and value of your product. Value is what will distinguish your product from competition and entice buyers to choose you. We will optimize these for your product.
  • We Craft Detailed Description and Fill in Keyword Search Terms: Though the description is buried low on your listing, it’s important to optimize its content for A9. Your backend Keyword Search Terms are also vital to Amazon Search. We optimize both.
  • You Provide 8 Professional Photos (optional): Your photos are the most important part of your listing. A picture tells a 1,000 words, and online that truth is evident. Many shoppers make quick decisions based on photos without even reading a product description. We’ll produce winning photos for you that generate sales.
  • 1 Free Revision: We know you may have questions after we’ve created your listing, and you may want to make some changes. We provide 1 FREE revision if you’d like to make alterations to any of the copywriting we produce.

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