Do you have the time, desire, and curiosity to learn how to effectively list your products on Amazon. If so why not Do it Yourself?

We’ve created a Kindle Ebook so you can do just that: Laying the Amazon Groundwork: Create Profitable Amazon Listings through Deep Keyword Research & Persuasive Sales Copy

We’ve created a powerful step-by-step manual to turn your listings into profits. Here’s what it includes:

  • Receive Detailed Instructions on How to Build a Profitable Listing Yourself: All in a PDF format, we list every single step necessary to build a successful listing.
  • Learn Our Winning Techniques to Research and Create a Top Notch Keyword List to Draw Visibility to Your Listing and Generate Sales: This is our “special sauce.” You need to know what Amazon buyers query when they search for products like yours. This can make or break your listing. We will teach you how to perform game-changing keyword research. The result of this research will make your listing immediately visible to Amazon’s Search Engine (A9).
  • Learn to Write Keyword Rich Headlines: Incorporating the correct keywords into your headline is vital. Doing so correctly will trigger A9 to display your listing highly in rankings. In addition, your headline must be catchy and appealing to the eye for buyers to want to click on it.
  • Learn How to Write Bullet Points that Hook Your Audience and Entice Them to Purchase: The bullet points in your listing are the sales hook. They need to clearly demonstrate the features and value of your product. Value is what will distinguish your product from competition and entice buyers to choose you.
  • Learn How to Write Powerful Descriptions and How to Use Keyword Search Terms: Though the description is buried low on your listing, it’s important to optimize its content for A9. Your backend Keyword Search Terms are also vital to Amazon Search. We’ll show you how to master both.
  • Learn how to Maximize Your Backend Keyword Fields: Though these go unseen to shoppers, backend keyword optimization is vital to enhancing your organic search visibility on Amazon.
  • Rinse, Wash, and Repeat for All Your Listings!: This DIY guide is an investment that can pay itself back many times over. You need only purchase this guide once. Then use this tried, proven method for as many products as you wish.