Direct to Consumer

Fully outsourced Amazon Sales solution for manufacturers with no Amazon Marketplace presence:
  • Set up Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Produce Amazon Compliant Eye Popping Images that Clients Click
  • Research and Help Select Your Highest Profit Products First
  • Creation of High Conversion Product Sales Copy
  • Implementation of All Advanced Tactics for Amazon Optimization So Your Listings Rise to the Top
  • And more...
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Amazon Optimization

For those who need to improve their existing Amazon Marketplace presence:
  • Implement SEO Tactics Specific to A9 (Amazon's Search Engine)
  • Optimize Product Page and Keywords for Higher Conversion
  • Improve Images for Both Greater Click Through and Buy Rates
  • Guidance in Getting 5 Star Customer Feedback and Reviews
  • Add Hidden Tactics to Give You an Edge (Upload Video Content)
  • Eliminate Hijackers Stealing Your Buy Box and Potential Sales
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SEO for Google

An advanced program designed for those who already have a strong Amazon Marketplace presence:
  • Conduct deep analysis of Amazon products to identify products with high potential for Google SEO improvement
  • Implement Google SEO Tactics Specific to Amazon Marketplace Listings
  • Leverage Amazon's tremendous site authority to enhance Google rankings quickly
  • And more...
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